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China Energy Association and A.T.Unicorn is proud to invite you to the 3rd Annual China Clean Coal Summit 2011 April 13th -15th in Qingdao, China. With climate change playing a key role in today's and future politics, the coal industry is facing tremendous challenges. Coal is available, Coal is cheap and Coal is dirty. Having promised to reduce CO2 emissions by 40-45% in comparison to 2005, China faces grand future challenges with fossil fuels still accounting for 85% of the energy mix. Clean Coal Technologies are essential for the future of Coal. But China, being one of the major worldwide emitters of CO2, is stepping up and taking on the challenge.

With the latest updates in China´s Clean technology, updates on CTL , coal to DME, MTO/MTP, Coal to SNG, UCG, CCS, ongoing and future IGCC technology, PCC retrofitting , funding and financing of Clean Coal projects, and so much more, the 3rd Annual China Clean Coal Summit 2011 is dedicated to moving the industry forward. Featuring Case studies, future projects, workshop, panel discussion, roundtable and site tour as well as providing an international platform for industry leaders, experts and professionals for the next steps towards a successful and cleaner future.

Why the 3rd Annul China Clean Coal Summit 2011 is a must

Your time is precious. You need to know that time you spend outside of the office is time well spent.The 3rd China Clean Coal Summit 2011 will not disappoint. Still need convincing?
We will provide you with:

 •  Staying informed means staying ahead...
 •  Keep up-to-date with the latest technologies in the Clean Coal Sector...
 •  ALL the decision - makers in just one event...
 •  Take the opportunity to network with experts from all over the world...
 •  Gain the information you need to stay ahead in the industry...
 •  Know the future trends
 •  Learn first hand from Experts of your industry

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Sponsorship Opportunity

The 3rd China Clean Coal Summit 2011 is the most high-profile event dedicated to clean energy development in China, providing the only extraordinary platform to meet C-level speakers from all over the world, key energy regulators and power giants. It is an unparalleled opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors at 2nd Annual Wind Energy Trends 2010 to establish your presence and increase your client base.

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