2013 Asia Pacific Food and Beverage Innovation Summit

Nowadays people pay more attention on the food and beverage, but food and beverage industry becomes some differences. Health, nutrition, public perception and brand authenticity are critical.

The regulation of health food and issues of food safety in general will play key roles in shaping the marker of near future. Competition is Rampant. Downward pressures on process and margin continue while distribution, material and other input costs are rising with demand.

For this time, Asia Pacific Food and Beverage Innovation Summit 2013, China’s strategic-oriented summit in conjunction with R & D innovation trends will start on 14th November 2013 in Shanghai.

Join us and networking with over 200 experts in this November.

Benefits of Attending:
This conference will offer an exclusive senior level experience that focuses directly on effective food and beverage industry development.. Network with over 100 of your peers in a constructive atmosphere of innovation.

Topics will include:
  •    Policy Updates and Market Analysis
  •    Consumer perception and current packaging design drivers
  •    Smart Supply Chain
  •    New packaging concepts as consumers continue to shop online
  •    Traditional channel of distribution Shock
  •    Cold chain relationship with the food safety
  •    RFID & EDI
  •    Consumer Insights
  •    Product research and development trends

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