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Cable systems for substations October 11th, 2010

The global crisis on climate and ¬nance have brought the serious knock on human life, also given the society the chance to rethink the pattern of human being existence and development. Given that, government around the world begins to view smart grid as the strategic mission, thereby enforcing industrial revolution, and answering to the ¬nancial crisis as well as energy shortage.

In the spotlight of global smart grid, China’s power industry is undergoing signi¬cant evolution in the past ¬ve years (2006-2010) and encouraging huge investment in grid construction. To the end of 2010, the regional capacity on power transmission attained 70-million kV. In order to greatly improve the e ciency and e ectiveness of power transmission and distribution, the State Grid Corporation of China released Three-step planning throughout 2009 to 2020, thereby motivating the smart grid implementation in China.

The Asia Power T&D Summit 2011, jointly organized by China Energy Association and A.T.Unicorn Group, will be launched in Beijing China from March, 16 to 18, 2010. On this occasion, the policy-makers, experts, decision-makers and professionals will hold joint discussion on the opportunities and challenges in power T&D in China as well as Asian Region, also talk on the outlook of intelligentizing this process. During this event, topics, such as UHV AC/DC, substation intellifentizing, distribution automation and informatization and their relevant technologies would be exploited to a very real extent and profundity, ensuring the healthy and ecient platform for communication and cooperation.

Why APTD is a must

Your time is precious. You need to know that time you spend outside of the office is time well spent. Asia Power T&D Summit 2011 will not disappoint. Still need convincing?
We will provide you with:

Policy Interpretation
 - Updates on Policies and Regulations Affecting Power Grid Development ...
 - The Opportunities and Challenges for T&D Industry ...
 - SG186Project: The Pathway for Grid Operation and...
Technical Interpretation
 - Intelligent Technology Focus on Transmission...
 - FACTS: The Application in HV Transmission...
 - Transmission Grid Routing Inspection...
 - The Integration of Distribution Automation...
Experiences Sharing
 - Roadmap to Effectiveness and ...
 - Management of Power Grid Assets and ...
 -  DC/AC Transmission Grid Planning ES ...
 - Seamless Connection between Distributed Automation and...
 - The Distribution & Marketing Integrated System based on GIS...

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Sponsorship Opportunity

The Asia Power T&D Summit 2011 is the most high-profile event dedicated to smart grid in China, providing the only extraordinary platform to meet C-level speakers from all over the world, key energy regulators and giants. It is an unparalleled opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors at Asia Power T&D Summit 2011 to establish your presence and increase your client base.

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