Human Capital & Talent Management Forum 2011
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In an era where human capital defines the identity of an organization and comprises the core of its success, HR metrics and talent management processes have become critical business issues on the executive agenda. The foremost priority for any ambitious, forward-looking company now is to retain its key players, to navigate the organization away from financial danger. Nurturing employees, creating a culture of continuous learning and development, and involving staff in shaping futures are crucial to retaining key performers.

Human Capital & Talent Management Forum 2011 is the most prestigious Human Resource event in China. This event brings you the latest in cutting-edge HR solutions as well as excellent networking opportunities which contribute to the creation of numerous successful partnerships as well as support from our sponsors, exhibitors and media partners. HR 2011 plans to provide the most exciting developments and offerings for the HR industry!

Over two days, you will meet and interact with senior-level professionals, through a number of business one-to-one meetings and many networking activities. You will hear from the strategic forum sessions led by some of the most prominent thinkers and practitioners worldwide. This event presents a unique opportunity to develop meaningful and valuable business relations.
Why attend the Human Capital & Talent Management Forum 2011?
Talent Management——Optimize succession planning, close skills gaps and assess new strategies for talent management.
More Efficient——Reduce recruiting costs, accelerate time-to-hire, and improve sourcing, screening, and on-boarding processes.
Better Performance——Tie employee goals with corporate objectives to bolster organizational performance.
Position company brand ——Being seen at this HR industry event establishes your company in the eyes of the delegate as a strong brand and creates an image of your company’s abilities and strength.
HR Function ——Ensure optimal utilization and integration of existing and newly implemented HR functionality.
HR Business Partner ——Making human resource team be the strategic business partner.

Pre-conference Workshop
——Remuneration & Compensation Strategies
Topics to Be Covered:

Innovative C&B Model - Maintaining Competency in A New Era of C&B Strategies
Legal Issues to Be Considered in Planning of Remuneration & Compensation
Tax Planning and How It Can Affect C&B Strategies

This workshop is designed for senior remuneration professionals to stay abreast of current issues in executive remuneration and compensation plans to ensure that their reward strategies directly impact the corporate bottom line by aligning remuneration and compensation with the overall business goals. The workshop will also help highlight how to leverage on the compensation and remuneration profile in order to strengthen the employer commitment and attract and retain key talents.

cocktail party October 26th, 18:30-20:30
This cocktail party is only open to full registered attendees which provide you an ideal platform to network with an executive, focused group of your peers. Meanwhile it can promote interaction between participants and foster the formation of business relationships and develop future business contacts.
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