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2012, is a critical year for China’s Economy. Today many companies are more aware of the importance of organization reform and strategy transformation to adapt to the competitive market. With the rapid business development of companies, talent strategy and management becomes a big concern in the business of the enterprise. The HR department plays more and more important role in enterprise’s strategy and faces big challenges as well, specifically under the circumstances of labor shortage, constant cost rise and losses of talents. In this case, A.T.Unicorn Group will hold the second session Human Capital & Talent Management Forum 2012 based on the successful event last year and theme in “Reform, Develop and Grow.” The forum will bring together the academic authorities, HR Professionals and top executives to further discuss the future trends, challenges and solutions, featuring on the role of HR in strategic transformation, recruitment management renovation and trends, employer brand construction, leadership and coaching culture, new HR technology development and application, and talent cultivation and development etc.

This will be a great event you will not afford to miss!
Why attend the Human Capital & Talent Management Forum 2012?
Talent Management——Optimize succession planning, close skills gaps and assess new strategies for talent management.
More Efficient——Reduce recruiting costs, accelerate time-to-hire, and improve sourcing, screening, and on-boarding processes.
Better Performance——Tie employee goals with corporate objectives to bolster organizational performance.
Position company brand ——Being seen at this HR industry event establishes your company in the eyes of the delegate as a strong brand and creates an image of your company’s abilities and strength.
HR Function ——Ensure optimal utilization and integration of existing and newly implemented HR functionality.
HR Business Partner ——Making human resource team be the strategic business partner.

New HR2012 will cover:
Talent is your company’s greatest asset - and HR’s greatest challenge. You'll hear talent management success stories from leading experts during these sessions — so you can create an environment where your best people will thrive. Learn how to attract, recruit, manage and inspire A-list employees who can move your organization forward. Plus, discover how to handle the most difficult HR situations with ease and engage employees to increase morale, productivity and retention.
Companies are becoming more and more reliant on HR to play a key role in creating sound strategies to achieve their business objectives. In these sessions, you will learn from leading experts how to build a roadmap to your goals. Discover how strategic planning can maximize employee performance and create business value. Learn how to support your business case, measure results and gain buy-in from your CEO, CFO and CIO while progressing your own career towards executive leadership.
Today’s HR leaders are strategic counselors who must be prepared for what’s next in the workplace and the global economy. This track will give you the opportunity to learn from experts on leadership, recertification, career advancement, and more. So whether your goals center on cultivating your company’s employees or taking your own career to the next level, these sessions can help you achieve them.
Human Resource Technology & Social Media
The rise of human resource technology and social media is more influential than ever in serving the human resource professionals and is being part of the direction for human resource management transformation. In this session, you will learn how human resource professionals use the technology platform to recruit the talent more precisely, highly-effectively and flexibly. You will also learn how to ride the new waves of social media and mobile to better serve for the HR management.
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