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        The current world economy is in a stalemate in the recovery and the brink of a crisis. In this environment of economic uncertainty, the best talents are undoubtedly the most valuable corporate resources specifically when company is transforming and developing rapidly. Talent management plays a pivotal role in the entire process of organizational development.
        Following the success of the Human Capital and Talent Management 2012 Conference held in July 2012, the well-known third-party independent Business Conference institutions A.T.UNICORN Associates will hold the China Talent Management Summit 2013 during March 13th and 14th in Shanghai, China and take “Talent Management in Uncertain Times "as the theme.
        Join us now and discover, engage, and experience everything there is to know about talent management strategy, social recruiting, succession planning, RPO solution, talent screening and assessment, leadership development, employer branding and EVP.
        Solutions for the talent management challenges will also be provided to hr professionals through many winning cases and real life experience from our HR experts by variety of learning styles such as instruction, inspiring, brainstorming and participating in the discussion.

Through this summit, you will learn:
    Recruitment Management:
  • How to go about building, structuring and managing a direct sourcing recruitment team?
  • Whether to work with an RPO solution provider or not, and if so, how to get the best value from an RPO solution.
  • How to use professional and social media to recruit candidates?
    Talent Screening and Developing:
  • Role of Pre-Employment Screening in Mitigating Employer Risk.
  • How to develop the key talent’s leadership capability?
  • Learn the key framework, best practices and key processes of succession management
    Employer Branding Management:
  • How Employer Brand Strategy can be used to optimize Employee Engagement and Experience.
  • How HR and Marketing Co-Work to Promote the Organization’s Status as an Employer of Choice.
  • Techniques for shaping and communicating your brand to internal audiences.
  • Using your brand as an external recruiting tool.
Our summit will be helpful to:
  • The audience who are probably working for an MNC and working in, or, building an Internal/Direct Sourcing recruitment team
  • Representatives from medium to large size companies who are perhaps using or considering RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)
  • Everyone who has ever engaged with external recruitment agencies
  • The audience with hiring needs that are not high volume, perhaps a HRBP or internal recruiter in a company who use Recruitment agencies and their own resources and imagination to do their own recruiting
  • The audience seeking how to establish spread and manage the employer brand
  • The audience who is responsible for talent management strategy, succession planning, leadership development, culture, OD, performance management and training