ICT Application 2011
ICT Application 2011
What is ICT Application 2011?
  • A three day conference plus workshops
  • 300+ senior level guests (CxO’s, Presidents, managers, directors)
  • Opportunities to showcase your products or highlight your company
  • Guests from all areas of the industry (Carriers, Operators, Vendors, Finance Legal, etc)
  • 40+ expert speakers
  • Interactive dialogues and discussions
  • Opportunities for networking and building relationships

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Why this event?

Starting from the end of last century, the ICT industry entered into its third revolution era. With the prompt development in the past decade, significant perspectives as well as technologies were brought to the public.

You may find out the application of these technologies in the each corner of our life including energy, transportation systems, traffic, retail, healthcare, financial industry and etc. We are now living in a pervasive, connected world, where distances shrink and virtual presence is everywhere. Next generation wireless networks, heterogeneous access technologies, ad hoc and sensor networks, and new Internet technologies will be part of this new world. With the application on these new technologies, the planet is getting smarter!

Among the above technologies, the Internet of Things, M2M, Cloud Computing, Network Convergence shall undoubtedly make far-reaching impacts to the human civilization. More than that, these four sectors creat tremendous market value in the upcoming years. It is estimated by China experts that the industrial scale of China’s IOT will reach 500 billion yuan to 1 trillion yuan by 2015, another 4 trillion yuan is expected at the end of the next decade, Alexander Resources’ report shows that global M2M market will reach 270 billion USD, according to Gartner research, global cloud computing services revenue is expected to hit 148.8 billion USD by 2014; the Network Convergence market scales is expected to 600 billion yuan in the future. Accompanying the vast attractions, increasingly complex relationships within the industry will cause the benefit reassignment and industry chain resegmentation.

A new age is approaching, we need to look into the future. “ICT Application 2011” on the subject of “Discover, Connect, Share” dedicates itself to accelerate the development of ICT industry & to deliver the information that you need to empower your business. During the 3-day event, we are intended to discuss emerging issues and the future perspective of network society by integrating M2M, Cloud Computing and Network Convergence, by inviting corporate executive and opinion leaders active in China as well as from the globe. This will be the unrivaled summit integrates 3 topics in 2 days plenary and at 1 venue!

We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer any questions regarding ICTA2011 via: ICT@atunicorn.com or 86-21-3360-0066.

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ICT Application 2011
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