ICT Application 2011
ICT Application 2011
What is ICT Application 2011?
  • A three day conference plus workshops
  • 300+ senior level guests (CxO’s, Presidents, managers, directors)
  • Opportunities to showcase your products or highlight your company
  • Guests from all areas of the industry (Carriers, Operators, Vendors, Finance Legal, etc)
  • 40+ expert speakers
  • Interactive dialogues and discussions
  • Opportunities for networking and building relationships

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BEIJING — Lost in his Cadillac SLS on a foggy night on the outskirts of Chengdu, Sichuan province, a driver surnamed Cao desperately needed help finding his way home......
News Time: 12 March, 2011
The broadband is an important foundation to consolidate national industrialization and informatization, an infrastructure to provide comprehensive information service and a strategic business of China Telecom. After development for more than ten years, China Telecom has provided its users with "an omnipresent high-speed broadband and a colorful information life".......
News Time: 7th Mar. 2011
BEIJING - China Telecom is going to triple the user numbers of its new high-speed optical fiber broadband by the end of this year to 30 million and expects to expand that number to more than 100 million by the end of China's 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), it said in a news release on Wednesday. .....
News Time: 21st Feb. 2011
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