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MTrend Group
is Innovating Internet Industry Consultation Institution and Professional TMT Sector Service Brand, Providing Integrated Solution Covering Media, Consultation and Investment.
www.MTrend.net.cn is Leading Mobile Internet Industry Portal, focusing on TMT sectors: Internet, New Media, Telecommunication, Mobile Application, Social Networking, E Commerce, Interactive Entertainment and Venture Capital.

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China Communication Network was founded in April 1999, is the first professional Website whose content covers the telecommunications industry. Also, C114 is the first professional Website received ICP license for providing public information. C114 is an online media which has the longest history, largest scale, and most coverage in China.
With the rapid growth of China's telecommunications business, C114 always committed to providing the most and the broadest information of telecom industry, diversified services such as news, consultant, exhibition cooperation, forum, e-commerce and network public relations. C114 has always been closely linked with the chinese telecom industry, became the most efficient online media partner of chinese telecom enterprises.




China Information Industry Net
Under the leadership of Ministry of Information Industry, China Information Industry Net is sponsored by People’s Post and Telecommunications News Agency (Group) (PPTNA) and is the only website in China’s information industry that owns the right to edit and issue news, as authorized by the State Council Information Office.
By relying on the powerful print media of PPTNA (“three newspapers and three periodicals”), uniting over 70 newspapers and magazines on information industry across the country and utilizing the journalist network that endeavors to collect the latest industrial information at home and abroad, CNII integrates information resources of the administrative departments of the industry, domestic and foreign telecom operators and equipment manufacturers to provide users with such services as news, information consulting, technology and product release, etc. CNII has been attracting people in the fields of communications administration, operation, manufacturing, consulting at home and abroad by its frequently updated and authoritative news reports and unique information services.


ChinaByte is the first IT internet medium in China which is established in early 1997. In more than a decade, ChinaByte has assembled a large group of high-end business people. It closely follows the industry trend, providing our users comprehensive, professional and fresh news reports and viewpoints. By continually improving its enterprise application and informatization contents, ChinaByte has become the first choice of high-end people like the C-levels, technology decision makers, business decision makers and IT professionals, thus achieving its leading position and special business value in the IT field. ChinaByte has witnessed and influence the development of IT industry in China and has pushed the informatization process forward in China.


国脉物联网(www.im2m.com.cn )于2009年9月正式开通,是中国第一个物联网行业门户网站,并于2011年1月11日进行全新改版升级,成为名副其实的"中国物联网传媒第一品牌"、"中国物联网企业营销第一阵地"和"中国物联网行业交流第一平台",提供网络广告、会议营销、年度评奖、数据库营销、课题研究、专家培训、智慧城市规划咨询等系列线上线下服务。




51CTO is a Chinese leading IT Website which was founded in 2005 by a group of experienced IT professionals.
Guided by the principle "Focus on IT, Create a Chinese leading IT website", 51CTO aims at helping enterprise IT managers upgrade their technology management ability and enhance the entire IT level in Chinese enterprise. After more than four years of development, 51CTO has become a primary choice for Chinese CTOs, CIOs and other IT technical staff. Today, 51CTO.com has more than 6.7 million daily average page views and 970,000 registered users, and through the four years of ceaseless innovation and progress, 51CTO has gradually developed into a Chinese leading IT Websites.


TechTarget (NASDAQ:TTGT)
TechTarget (NASDAQ:TTGT is a Boston-based online IT media company where serious enterprise technology buyers research IT solutions their businesses will purchase. TechTarget China provides Chinese enterprise IT professionals with a network of thirteen highly targeted technology-specific websites in Chinese.


TelcoProfessionals is an interactive, content rich, blog- and video-centric online community and business exchange developed exclusively for the Telecom and Media industry. We are dedicated to individuals working in the industry globally, as a place they can find and help each other get ahead. TelcoProfessionals.com includes area specific Microsites with their own daily newsfeeds and content, a full Telecom & Media events listing, blogs, informal video’s of the people shaping the industry’s future, and forums. The site allows you to network directly with like-minded professionals from over 191 countries. We have more than 11000 members. To enhance your professional profile and network for future business opportunities, or to visit our jobs portal, join us today on www.telcoprofessionals.com.




CCTIME飞象网(www.cctime.com) 定位于中国信息通信 领域第一门户网站,致力于推动中国信息通信产业的发展。CCTIME 飞象网对行业媒体有深刻理解和认识,独家提出并坚持媒体需要批 判和质疑精神的理念;对内容报道及时、独家,拥有一批行业知名 的媒体记者,具有强大的内容原创团队及能力。另外市场策划、项 目运作、执行能力突出,拥有一批经验丰富、锐意进取、不断创新 的市场经营和策划团队。电子杂志《飞象周刊》以邮件形式群发给 政府、运营商、设备商、服务提供商相关人员及专家、学者,发行 量超过30万份。


InfoReview is a bilingual magazine (Serbian, English), generally supported by EEIG – European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry from Brussels, and SEFICT -Southeast Europe Forum ICT. After 18-year-long experience of presenting the most successful ICT companies, we have directed our former orientation from information technologies towards common business communications and education. InfoReview magazine has 20.000 readers in chosen business world in Europe and SEE region. But now, with the beginning of 2012 we decided to adopt all the advantages of modern technologies and provide you with an electronic edition of the magazine. This will enable our readers with better monitoring of InfoReview content, simpler and permanent preservation, easier access and easier way of finding articles of your interest and the most importantly: you'll be able to share the magazine with more friends, send an infinite number of copies to your business partners, and still have it “in your hands” yet. In this way, your message published in InfoReview will be available for millions of readers!


were born together with the operation concept of “network and newspaper in one” and with the distinctive features of “professional information,active community and practical materials”,attracting 200 thousand independent IP browsing times every day.Besides,CCIDcom.com possesses a professional blog group which is the most active with the largest scale in China,providing up to 30 updated blogs every day and attracting a lot of loyal high-end readers.


Enterprise IT information service platform in Cloud times, covering all the related information about enterprise-class IT technology. As most professional and most forward-looking enterprise-class IT technology website in China, we will consistently focus on enterprise-class IT technology service, including network infrastructure, data center, cloud computing, security, business devices, as well as mobile internet. With our large service scope, we are the best service provider of CIOs, CTOs, IT directors and IT specialists in every industry. Thanks to the orientation of sticking to application, technology, and buyer’s guides, we endeavor to be the most popular service platform, accept by users, vendors and experts.







CIOtimes is an Internet media specialized on enterprise information technology, and focuses on enterprise CIO. It is the only partner of Peking University CIO class. It has high visibility in the area of enterprise information technology and CIO, with more than 50,000 active online CIO users on the website every day.




Mind Commerce® mission
Mind Commerce® mission is to provide customized research, consulting, training, and writing services for the telecommunications and IT industry within our areas of expertise. Mind Commerce clients include manufacturers, developers, service providers, industry organizations, and government. Mind Commerce partners include various leading firms in the telecommunications industry. Mind Commerce differentiates itself from its competition by meeting the unique needs of its clients through customized product development and service delivery.


TelecomWatch is the only “Publishing-House” in India which is fully & totally focused / concentrated on Indian Telecom & its related industries. TelecomWatch serves well over 71,000 email ids & its products are seen daily by more than 1,00,000 pairs of important eye-balls, who are the actual business creators.
TelecomWatch endeavors to provide Fixedline, CDMA ( Mobile), GSM & Average Revenue Per User figs immediately on their release. For more details please visit www.telecomwatch.in.




Internet of things Home
http://www.wlwhome.com.cnis the interaction of the first platform for networking in china. Collection of the latest and most comprehensive Internet business information dynamic, free registration, free post information, free post of supply and demand information! As the networking industry and Internet companies do what little one can to help.
Internet of things Home into a network the most authoritative industry advisory and information media. Welcome customers to discuss cooperation!






www.iotworld.com.cn是目前国内最大的物联网产业一体化综合门户网站。网站紧扣物联网产业的发展趋势,紧密追踪RFID、传感网、条形码、生物识别、安防监控、 移动支付、一卡通、网络传输设备、云计算、智能嵌入式产品、商业智能等十大领域的最新物联网技术,第一时间报道物联网在各行业的最新应用方案和案例,特别是智能电网、智能家居、智慧城市、智能物流、车联网、食品安全、智能医疗等重点领域经典应用。网站已成为物联网行业主流的资讯报道平台。


www.cn-java.comThe java technical web in Chinese (An Independent Community on JAVA)was established on Aug 1, 2001 We aim to spread and popularize java knowledge and provide an equal, free, cooperative, creative and open communicative environment for the domestic java fans. Meanwhile, we wish we could make some contribution for the development of the domestic IT career. Java is an open advanced programming language, which is pure object-oriented. The birth of this language makes the worldwide IT field shocked. It is the new program idea and java's promise that make a bright view for the world software. It has passed 5-6 years since the birth of java language. However, in china, it is just in the popularized stage, There is very few scale company and organization which major in the study of java technology. We established this Chinese java technical web in order that more and more programmer and program favorer can master java technology. This is our original intention to establish the web.
At present, we have opened the columns as beginner's tutorials, special topic on java, resources center, BBS and members management. With the continuous development of cn-java, its contents and columns will be more abundant and perfect, All of the resources is free provided for your kind support.



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