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ICT Application 2012
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Optical broadband forays into building smart cities
News Time: 7th Mar. 2011
The broadband is an important foundation to consolidate national industrialization and informatization, an infrastructure to provide comprehensive information service and a strategic business of China Telecom. After development for more than ten years, China Telecom has provided its users with "an omnipresent high-speed broadband and a colorful information life".

To fully implement the Twelfth Five-year Plan of China, speed up the development of broadband further and promote comprehensive information service capability completely, China Telecom officially launched the "Broadband Optical Network in China" project on February 16, 2011. According to the goal of the project, the access bandwidth for broadband users of China Telecom will jump by more than ten times within 3 to 5 years, and keep on a rapid growth.

During the Twelfth Five-year Plan period, full utilization of optical fiber will realize in southern cities with the complete access of optical fiber in core townships; the access bandwidth at a maximum limit will reach up to 100M and that for urban families will be more than 20M generally. China Telecom is striving to achieve a high quality information network that includes satellite communications, optical fiber broadband and mobile network and benefits the whole country by covering everywhere of China.

It is reported that China Telecom has realized the rapid development of broadband network by paying greater efforts to the network construction during the Eleventh Five-year Plan period. For example, the number of investment on broadband network was RMB150 billion yuan, and that on broadband ports and passive optical network (PON) built-in ports was over RMB110 million yuan and over RMB20 million yuan respectively, about 5 times the investment on broadband ports in 2004. At present, there are 68 million broadband users in the network of China Telecom.

To meet the ever increasing demand of users on bandwidth, in the Eleventh Five-year Plan period, China Telecom actively promoted the technology revolution of "Replacement of copper cables with optical fibers" in the access to network. 65 million cable pair kilometers copper cables have dropped out and the fiber network achieved scale deployment. In southern cities, the coverage of 20M broadband rose from 10 percent to 58 percent and from 53 percent to 98 percent for 4M's. The utilization of optical fiber was basically realized in the access of broadband to the backbone network and the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) covered 10 million families. Full coverage of fiber in business buildings was basically realized; and the proportion of fiber-optic cable access reached 68 percent in administrative villages.

At present, the broadband has been an important force to support China's economy and social development. The improved broadband played an important role in the Eleventh Five-year Plan period in pushing forward the development of national economy, informatization of society, combination of industrialization and informatization and in accelerating the transformation of economic growth pattern. It promoted the leapfrog development of China's information network, the perfection of information infrastructure, the reinforcement of standardization of information technology and the improvement of social information level. China Telecom will keep increasing the investment on the construction of broadband network in the Twelfth Five-year Plan period. By the end of 2011, China Telecom will put into practice, in the south of China, 20M and above broadband access in over 75 percent of cities in the east areas, in 70 percent of cities in the middle areas and in 60 percent of cities in the west areas. By 2015, it is expected that the coverage of 100M bandwidth will realize commonly in cities of the south of China.

At the same time, the broadband network based on optical network will bring in higher quality services for family users and a brand new lifestyle of the information age for numerous families. It will also enable a qualitative leap to businesses like the communications, broadband access, high definition IPTV, 3D & rich media products, integrated video communications (e.g. video interaction and visual dialogue) and Peaceful Community.

Experts said that China Telecom will introduce the Internet of things and cloud computing technology into the total solution for the "Broadband Optical Network in China" project to set up a platform of comprehensive capacity and integrate advantages of intelligent transmission channels, so as to provide customers with new and numerous applications of information. Meanwhile, the popularization of optical fiber usage in cities will speed up the application of Internet and Internet of things among individuals, things and organizations in the city system and help shaping intelligent cities. With the full implementation of the "Broadband Optical Network in China" project, the application results and radiation effects of China Telecom's broadband business in national economy and all sectors of society will fade in with the further contribution to the promotion of social informatization process and the realization of China's development goals of the Twelfth Five-year Plan.

In the Eleventh Five-year Plan period, although China had made great achievements in the development of broadband, compared with developed countries, there was still difference to a certain extent. In 2009, China's Internet penetration rate was in a low level (28.9 percent), which was higher than the world average level (25.6 percent), but there was still some way to go compared with developed countries. According to incomplete statistics, in America, the penetration rate of fixed network contributes 2.8 percent to the GDP by every increase of 10 percent; the penetration rate of broadband access contributes 134 billion dollars to the GDP by every increase of 7 percent. In the long term, China's broadband development has a bright future and will play an important role in pushing the improvement of economy, productivity and employment rate. According to statistics, there will be over 2 million job opportunities being created after every 10-percent increase in the broadband access penetration rate, which can ease employment pressure effectively.

To this end, China Telecom is implementing the "Broadband Optical Network in China" project and will thoroughly carry out the development strategy of revitalizing new generation information technology industry. According to the request as specified in the Views on Promoting the Construction of Optical Fiber Broadband Network jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other six ministries and commissions , China Telecom will actively push forward the construction of the "Broadband Optical Network in China" project, accelerate the upgrade of broadband network to optical fiber popularization, build ultrahigh speed (100M) broadband access network and fully promote the capacity of broadband service, with the purpose of serving customers better and meeting their demands.

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