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Shi Yiyang
Chief of Settlement Division, Shanghai
People’s Bank of China

Xu Jinyao
General Manager for Mobile Payment
China Unionpay

Niu Gang
Deputy Dean
China Telecom

Hou Ziqiang
Member of Technology Committee
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology PRC & Research Fellow of CAS

Past Event Review
Currently, with the rapid development of payments industry, it has attracted great attention in the whole industry. Payment Trends China 2011 organized by A.T.Unicorn, gathering more than 170 participates, was successfully held during Mar 9th and 11th in Shanghai Sofitel Hotel. As a reputed conference in this industry, featuring presentations and delegates from US, Europe and Asia, it was expected to be a Boao forum in payment industry in China. Many of leading companies presented at the conference such as Nationz, ICBC, Nokia and etc. The conference cultivates a win-win cooperation atmosphere for the whole industry value chain including operators, service providers, chip manufacturers, financial institutions and etc.
After successfully holding Payment Trends China 2011 and making it the most authoritative industrial conference covering the technology and business development,” NFC & Mobile Payments Forum 2011” will continue to provide more opportunities to explore forward-looking practice in innovation. The experts will offer you professional, creative ideas of NFC technology development.more>>
Why attend the NFC & Mobile Payments Forum---China Focus 2011?
Gain New Sales leads ——Our delegates are an extremely focused group of people with strong business interest in this event. By being present you can network with these buyers and grow your sales.
Launch new products or services ——Draw attention to your products and brand by being a conference sponsor. With delegates and the media in attendance, new stories of interest always create a buzz.
Enter new markets ——Attending a China focused conference is one of the most cost and time effective ways to enter China markets. It is a great opportunity to research and network whilst gaining exposure to a new qualified database. If you are interested in breaking into the Asian and China region – this is the perfect platform to do so.
Position company brand ——Being seen at this NFC and Mobile industry event establishes your company in the eyes of the delegate as a strong brand and creates an image of your company’s abilities and strength.
Building customer loyalty ——Face to face contact at this event and showing continued support of a market helps develop client loyalty as well as cementing your position with your continued presence.
Building relations with the media ——Many events are run with the support of trade press and industry journalists. Opportunities for editorial coverage and developing better relations can be crucial to your companies’ success. Associations also play a strong part which may also offer networking opportunities and free publicity.
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