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Conference Background
How will you, the communicator, be affected by a changing media landscape in 2012?
Social media is definitely hot! Over the past 2 years we have heard more and more companies discussing the use of Social Media. For a company, social networks allow companies to take out the middleman and become their own media. Now companies are rapidly adopting social media, much like email and websites first empowered businesses; social media is the next marketing wave.

  • Do you stumble at how to execute and propel your social media strategy to the next stage?
  • Are you adept at engaging quality customers effectively and leaving influence on them?
  • Can you seamlessly monitor measure and manage ROI to choose right media platforms and integrate them successfully?
  • Would you like to hear best practices and creative ideas from leading brands and agencies?
Here, you can’t afford to miss THIS!
World PR & Social Media Forum 2012 is a strategic high-profile conference, revealing how leading brands successfully deploy social media to consolidate and expand their market share, as well as, gain valuable market data. This event will focus on digital marketing, social media marketing, pressing trends and portfolio management which provide you guidelines to integrate multiple media platforms to maximize your ROI.
Wondering what’s in it for you? Here are the top reasons to join us:
  • 10+ Case Studies
  • 20+ Hottest Topics for Discussion
  • 35+ High-level & Renowned Speakers
  • 40+ Pre-scheduled Meet-and-Greet Meetings
  • 300+ Marketing & PR Executives