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1.2nd Annual China Clean Coal Forum
12th-13th April,2010 , Beijing,China
2.Future Building Trends Summit 2010
27th-28th May,2010, Beijing,China
3. 2nd Annual China Clean Coal Summit
7th-9th April,2010 , Beijing,China
4.China Unconventional Gas Congress
20th-21st January ,2011 , Beijing,China
5. Payment Trends China 2011
9th-11th March , 2011, Shanghai,China
6. Asia Power T&D Summit 2011
16th-18th March, 2011, Beijing,China
7. 3rd Annual China Clean Coal Summit
7th-9th April,2011 , Beijing,China

As the world is surviving the financial crisis, more and more attention has been drawn on the development of finance industry. With innovations in payment system, E-payment, mobile payment, bank cards, treasury management, trade finance and supply chain finance, numerous local and international banks are fiercely competing with consumers. How to become more affluent and IT savvy? How to avoid payment and fraud? What can be learned from each other?

Payment Trends China 2011 will bridge the gap between developing and developed countries, providing a better understanding of the opportunities, development trends and challenges, with groups of experts from government agencies, central banks, banking regulators, clearing and settlement associations, commercial banks, solution providers, security system providers, terminal equipment vendors, IT providers, insurance & risk management companies and etc .

Why PTC 2011 is a must

Your time is precious. You need to know that time you spend outside of the office is time well spent. Payment Trends China 2011 will not disappoint. Still need convincing?
We will provide you with:

First ever international payment event -  featuring presentations and delegates...
Most updated knowledge -  covering the payment trends in emerging market and ...
Classical case studies -  selecting the hottest issues in the payment systems industry...
High quality delegates -  including local and international financial institutions, bank...
Considerable Cost effectiveness - offering delegates the most targeted and ...

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Sponsorship Opportunity

Payment Trends China 2011 is the only high-profile event that integrated E-Payment, Smart Card and Mobile payment perspective. We are dedicated to provide you the extra ordinary platform to meet potential business partner, to explore new market, to establish new partnership, even to hit your sales target. It is an unparalleled opportunity for you to highly enhance your company’s / product’s presence!

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